Molteni&C | “午夜”床具系列
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Molteni&C | “午夜”床具系列

For this series, Neri&Hu contemplates on the notion of midnight as the transition time period from one day to the next. In Roman timekeeping, midnight was the exact halfway point between sunset and sunrise, marking the moment between the dichotomies of day and night. Playing on this duality and the rituals we perform that become markers of time, the Twelve AM bench is conceived as a foyer bench for putting on and taking off shoes, a daily act that marks the beginning and end of each day. The Twelve AM bed features a high headboard which folds and envelops for a deep sleep in the night, but on the opposing side, there is a small desk from which to work during the day.

Molteni&C, 意大利


2020 NYCxDESIGN 设计大奖,美国 Interior Design 杂志与纽约国际当代家具展“午夜”床具系列 ,品牌: Molteni&C, 住宅家具类别, 入围
2019年ELLE国际设计大奖(EDIDA),中国"午夜"床具系列,品牌:Molteni&C, 2019 EDIDA中国最佳家具设计
2019年度最佳设计大奖,美国纽约室内杂志"午夜"床具系列,品牌:Molteni&C, 床具类别,特别提名奖
2019年 ELLE DECO国际设计大奖,乌克兰“午夜”床具系列,品牌:Molteni&C, 床具类别,冠军