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Our aim was capturing the essence of Kvadrat, their product and culture. In this challenge, Neri&Hu chose to defy rational thinking, and rather sought after an emotionally charged space that would intuitively affect each visitor on a deep and primal level. We cherish the moment when we can play with a certain material and explore its boundaries so we took this opportunity to explore the full potential of fabric and, most importantly, to make it stand out.

The floating upholstered volume is strongly present from the distance, while inside it turns into a suppressed, emotionally charged space. The form-making of the space is intentionally left primitive and abstract in order to celebrate the exceptional colors and textures that define Kvadrat.

We wanted to create the form that is restrained and subdued, so its complexity can only be explored from within; the interconnected upholstered ceiling carves are only experienced once you are in the space. Some cuts with mirrored sides reveal the unexpected perspectives left for visitors to explore.

Each carve is paired with a matching rug laid on the oak (Dinesen) timber floor, like a footprint. The juxtaposition of the two defines several lounges painted in different moods. We’ve used our Solo collection of sofas and chair to present some of the new fabrics, in colors complementary for each lounge. The rest of the new fabric collections is exhibited in a line of bespoke vitrines. All elements are designed to represent Kvadrat in a new light with a Neri&Hu imprint.

130 平米



2015年10月– 2016年3月

Federlegno Arredo Eventi spa, Foro Buonaparte 65, 20121 Milano

2016 亚洲建+设大奖,中国香港Perspective Limited“简裁”空间, 装置建筑组别,最佳设计奖
2016亚太区室内设计大奖, 中国香港室内设计协会“简裁”空间,Kvadrat展位设计, 展示空间组,银奖